HR Essentials
(Business & Industry Course (B&I Public))

In this fast-paced and lively six hour workshop, you will dig into
essential Human Resource policies, laws and practices critical
for anyone with HR-related responsibilities. Loaded with real-life
examples, you will learn to identify situations that may put your
company at risk and walk away armed with tips and critical
human resources management information that you can use
at work today.
HR Essentials covers:
• Overview of critical employment laws, policies and practices
• Must-know legal information on hiring, discharge and
disciplinary action
• Benefits basics including workers’ compensation, FMLA,
COBRA and exempt versus non-exempt status
• Recruitment and selection, including “what not to ask”
in an interview
• Employment Handbook checklist and recordkeeping

Who should attend?
Any individual contributor or supervisor who has the responsibility
for human resource functions. Very appropriate for HR
professionals whose experience has been in smaller companies
and for managers who want an essentials course covering the
need-to-know information of human resources.

Location: Fond du Lac Campus Room A-112
Price: $199 per person. Price includes materials and lunch.
Contact: E-Mail training@morainepark.edu
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