Excel PivotTable
(Business & Industry Course (B&I Public))

The “PivotTable” might be the most powerful and efficient feature of Microsoft Excel 2010. With it, you can summarize a table’s data by its different fields and easily make all the desired intersections between them. We make PivotTables easy for you. Do you want to “wow” your colleagues and boss with your next presentation? Learn how to build a PivotTable, and make data easy to read by grouping and categorizing your data. Explore the customization, formatting and restructuring features.

This course is meant for people with a sound working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and general computer proficiency.

Upon successful completion of this course participants will be able to:
• Build a PivotTable.
• Analyze data using PivotTables.
• Present PivotTable data visually.

Prerequisite: Introductory knowledge of Excel. Students enrolling in this course should understand how to open, create, save and navigate in a workbook.

Location: Fond du Lac Campus Room O-107.1
Price: $199 per person. Price includes materials and lunch.
Contact: E-Mail training@morainepark.edu
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