Structural Welding Certification Exams
(Business & Industry Course (B&I Public))

Wisconsin State #Ind.53.63 requires that all structural welding done in the State of Wisconsin be performed by state-certified welders. Single family or two-family dwellings and buildings used solely for agricultual purposes are exempt from this requirement.

All tests are in accordance with AWS D1.1 Structural Steel Welding Code. All joint configurations and welding processes must meet the criteria given under section 3 of AWS D1.1 titled Prequalification fo WPSs.

Exam Information:

  • All tests are given by State of Wisconsin Weld Test conductors, welders successfully passing this test can be registered with the State of Wisconsin as certified welders. This is commonly known as being "state certified".
  • Exams are given on 1" or 3/8" steel plate.
  • Joints are V-grooves with or without backing strips in the positions needed.
  • SMAW, FCAW or GMAW processes may be used.
  • More plates can be purchased for $100 per set. If needed, please call 262-335-5725.
  • For more infomation, please call Larry Clark at 920-924-3433 or Jeremiah Johnson at 920-887-4490.

Location: Beaver Dam Campus, Room K-401
Price: $200 per person for two sets of test plates.
Contact: Eileen
E-Mail training@morainpark.edu
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